What are CMPs and how can they help plan a meeting?

By Beth Buehler When you see CMP (Certified Meeting Planner) behind a meeting professional’s name, it’s essentially an internationally recognized badge of excellence and symbol of credibility, much like an accountant earns a CPA. Having a certified meeting planner or supplier on your team (staff or hired for a specific gathering) helps provide peace of… Read more »

Should You Hire a Photographer for a Colorado Meeting?

By Beth Buehler There are a lot of moving pieces when managing a meetings budget. It’s similar to remodeling a home as there are choices regarding the must haves, things that can be scaled back, and optional items that can be set aside for “if the budget allows” conversations. It’s pretty easy to guess the… Read more »

Colorado Group Transportation in Cities and Mountains

By Beth Buehler Making sure attendees successfully get from point A to point B (and maybe even C, D and E) and the manner in which it’s done can make or break a gathering. In Colorado, there are the more traditional ways of offering Colorado group transportation as well as distinct options like sleighs, snowcats,… Read more »

What’s the Best Time to Book Group Events in Estes Park?

By Eric Lund Estes Park is a unique mountain destination in Colorado because the fall, winter and spring seasons are the best times to book group events, as those are the shoulder or off-seasons. It is opposite from Colorado’s ski resort destinations’ busy season, which many times is winter. Meeting planners can save around $100… Read more »

Planning a Successful and Productive Company Retreat

By Nicole Marsh, CMP, DMCP One of the best investments a company can make is by investing in its people by planning a company retreat. A retreat is an opportunity for employees to come together away from the office to focus on the growth of the team and the future of the company, while also reflecting on… Read more »

10 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Conference Venue

By Beth Buehler   It’s time to look for just the right venue for an upcoming conference. Perhaps it’s for an association annual meeting or a sales conference for your company. Or maybe it’s a gathering of the nation’s craft beer producers or outdoor retailers. Regardless of the type of conference, there are some key… Read more »

What is a Day in the Life of a Meeting and Event Planner?

By Terri Taylor There is nothing typical about the typical day of a meeting and event planner! One of the many things that make this job so rewarding is the intrigue of truly not knowing what the day will hold. The thing you can always count on is that it will be filled with interesting… Read more »

The Real Costs of Using Shared-Ride Services for Group Transportation

By Todd Layton The evolution of any industry is a constant and natural process that is fascinating to witness. The group travel industry, and group transportation in particular, is certainly no exception to the evolutionary process. Environmental, technological, economic, political and social elements all contribute to the many changes currently happening in the group transportation… Read more »

11 Tips to Find the Best Hotel for Business Meetings and Events

By Beth Buehler One of the first orders of business when planning a meeting or event anywhere in the world is finding the best hotel for business meetings and events that fits the specific parameters for your gathering. In fact, this important task should happen in tandem with considering destinations, as who wants to select… Read more »

Telluride Meeting Facilities Reflect Authentic Colorado

By Beth Buehler  Telluride and Mountain Village in southwest Colorado provide an ideal opportunity to gather in a place known for natural beauty, outdoor recreation, historic charm and attractive venues galore. Centrally located in Mountain Village, the 22,000-square-foot Telluride Conference Center is at the heart of all larger meetings in the region and provides convenient… Read more »

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