Destination Spotlight: Breckenridge

History: Gold Mining

In the 1800s, prospectors flooded what was to become Breckenridge, Colorado with the hopes of striking gold (and they found it). Home to the largest historic district in Colorado, Breckenridge’s rich and colorful history is full of gold finds and mining, exploration and adventure, brothels, saloons, booms and busts. The town’s Gold Rush brought droves of settlers seeking their fortunes.  Today, travelers discover an adventurous mountain community that feels historic yet timeless. Breckenridge is where old-school charm and new-school modern amenities merge with close to 200 shops, restaurants and tap houses showcasing endless character. As one of the nation’s premier year-round destinations, Breckenridge visitors feel welcome and, when here, feel local.

Local’s secrets:

Isak Hearstone – “Goin’ on a troll hunt!”  Follow the signs into the forest on the Tollstigen Trail to find Isak himself. This large-scale, 15 foot wooden troll sculpture was created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo who specializes in making imaginative art pieces from recycled materials.