Make a Difference With Your Next Team Build

Doing a little good in the world can actually result in tremendous positive change in people. As a result, CBST Adventures incorporates social impact elements into events to maximize the potential for long-lasting and transformational growth in companies, teams, and individuals.

One such event was with a major global food corporation, Cargil. They worked with Cargil for a Community Impact Team Building Event where Cargil donated over $13,000 worth of camping supplies to youth-in-need who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have outdoor and camping experiences.

You can watch the video here to learn more about this incredibly heart-warming event!

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Have you heard of Meetings That Matter?

Meetings That Matter is Keystone’s Resorts and CBST Adventure’s social responsibility team building program offered to companies and teams staying at a Keystone Resorts’ location.

Through this program, you can earn up to $5000 toward your team building event and enjoy an amazing event that combines fun, team building, and corporate social responsibility with Keystone’s spectacular Rocky Mountain setting. Learn more here.